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Fading Dream (2016) [3'00"]

for harp solo

Premiere 8 July, 2017. ​Studio Theater, HKAPA

Performed by Chiu Yuen Ki


Tress (2013) [3'00"]

for piano solo

Premiere: 23 November, Garden of Life, Kowloon Park

Performed by Chan Nga Man

Performance(s): 30 June, 2017. Spring Workshop.

Performed by Chan Nga Man


When No One’s Home (2012) [1'00"]

for piano solo



Three Little Pieces for Piano (2010) [4'00"]

01. A Point of Light

02. Running in the Sky

03. Way to Hole

for piano solo



Escapee (2009) [5'45"]

for violin solo

Premiere: 24 March, 2010, Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre Theatre, HKU

Performed by Gilbert Sak





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