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Music for Drama <Helen Keller of The Land> 

Persented by Drama X

Directed by Lai Pak Kin

2:30p.m, 7:30p.m. Saturday. 14 July, 2012

2:30p.m, 7:30p.m. Sunday. 15 July, 2012

Cultural Activities Hall, Tsuen Wan Town Hall, Hong Kong

小習作音樂分享會 2012 

Presented by Chan Nga Man & Pang Wai Yee

8:00p.m. Thursday. 28 June, 2012 

Recital Hall, Hong Kong City Hall


Piano Performance and Premiere of Serveral Works

Premiere of Pit, Left & Morning, Good Night!

Performance of 尋船沉夢

Performed in "有場音樂會 - 音樂實驗室"

Presented by Lok Sum Chinese Orchestra

3:00p.m. Sunday. 11 March, 2012

Cultural Activities Hall, Shatin Town Hall, Hong Kong

Performance in Grassfest 2012

Presented by Lawnmap

1:00p.m. Sunday. 2 January, 2012

West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong

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